"Finally, hear clearly without hearing aids."

Sreek Cherukuri, MD. Board-Certified Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor.
Inventor, ClearCast Hearing

Meet ClearCast PAL™
The Conversation Amplifying Earphones that make connecting to family and loved ones effortless.

What is ClearCast PAL™?​

ClearCast is not a hearing aid. It's the world's first FDA-registered Personal Assistive Listening (PAL) Device

PALs do what hearing aids can't - they put you in control of what is being amplified.

The PAL makes it simple to understand conversations at home or on the television by directly routing the conversations you want to hear so it sounds like someone is speaking directly into your ear.


Like reading glasses, you only wear PALs when you need them, whether it's to listen to the TV or when having a conversation

That's why we call them...

"Cheaters for your ears"​

ClearCast PAL™ vs Hearing Aids

Compare Hearing Aids to ClearCast PAL™

Listening to TV with hearing aids vs ClearCast PAL™


Listening to conversation with hearing aids vs ClearCast PAL™


Better than my hearing aids.

This device is without a doubt, the best buy I could possibly make. I am an 87 year old woman, who just spent a great deal of money on hearing aids. However they don't help much when watching tv. The price seemed right and it looked easy to use. I can hear the tv and also listen to other people in the room talking to me. I feel like a new person. My life is so much easier now. Thank you.
~ Carol S.

Best Conversation with my Mom in Years!

I bought these for my 95 year-old mother. She has worn hearing aids since she was in her late 60s. Her hearing is awful. She said it worked better than anything she'd used in the past.
~ Roger H

We purchased a 2nd one for my Mom

Originally purchased my 1st one of these for my Mom-in-law, she lives in a care facility and is deaf in one ear... After her great experience, we purchased a 2nd one for my Mom. She loved it and has been perfect for her needs... We just purchased a 3rd for my husband to use for watching tv and have been able to turn off the captions. Truly love this product. Would recommend it to anyone needing hearing assistance and not wanting to spend thousands of dollars.
~ Henry R


GET THIS!!!! If you have an elderly relative or friend who won't go for a hearing aid, try this.
~ Joe B

About Dr. Cherukuri ​

After 20 years helping over 300,000 people obtain affordable hearing aids, I realized that cost alone wasn't the reason millions of people still struggle with hearing loss.

Hearing aids have come a long way, but patients were telling us they weren't working well enough for them. I realized it was we doctors who weren't listening.

It was like we were giving everyone with mobility issues a wheelchair, when most people only wanted a cane or a walker.

With ClearCast PAL you chose what you want to hear. Whether its a family conversation or the TV, you will hear the dialog with crystal clarity