8 best OTC hearing aids, Dr. Cherukuri Advises Yahoo

Dr. Sreek Cherukuri, a board-certified ear, nose, and throat specialist offered the following as a member of a recent Yahoo! Life panel discussion regarding different types of hearing aids.

“For individuals experiencing early-stage hearing loss, some hearing aids or assistive listening devices can be a viable option,” he explained. “They can offer a cost-effective alternative to more traditional aids, which can often be quite expensive.

” However, Dr. Cherukuri cautioned that certain models may present challenges in terms of user adjustment, potentially leading to difficulty in finding the optimal amplification level. He emphasized the importance of consulting an audiologist for guidance. 

Dr. Cherukuri’s new company, ClearCast Hearing, addresses many of these challenges for people seeking help with hearing loss, and he welcomes questions and hearing tests from potential customers (which he can review and answer personally) to see if the ClearCast PAL™ would work for them.

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