ClearCast PAL™

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Hear what you want to hear by amplifying the sounds and voices most important to you with the ClearCast PAL.

Simply wear the ClearCast PAL and use the internal mic to make one-on-one conversations crystal clear. Or place the MagicMic next to the TV or at the center of a dinner table and what you want to hear will be crystal clear without distracting background noise.

Doctor-designed, FDA-registered Conversation Amplifying Earphones.

Perfect for 1-on-1, hearing the TV, or dinner conversations.

Rechargeable. No batteries needed.

Simple controls for easy sound adjustments.

84% less expensive than traditional hearing aids (save thousands)

45-day 100% money back guarantee and FREE shipping.

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It's just 3 more payments of $99.99 if you decide to keep it. 100% money back guarantee.


ClearCast PAL vs Hearing Aids



Better than my hearing aids.

This device is without a doubt, the best buy I could possibly make. I am an 87 year old woman, who just spent a great deal of money on hearing aids. However they don't help much when watching tv. The price seemed right and it looked easy to use. I can hear the tv and also listen to other people in the room talking to me. I feel like a new person. My life is so much easier now. Thank you.

Carol S.


Best Conversation with my Mom in years!

I bought these for my 95 year-old mother. She has worn hearing aids since she was in her late 60s. Her hearing is awful. She said it worked better than anything she'd used in the past.

Roger H



GET THIS!!!! If you have an elderly relative or friend who won't go for a hearing aid, try this.

Joe B


We purchased a 2nd one for my Mom

Originally purchased my 1st one of these for my Mom-in-law, she lives in a care facility and is deaf in one ear... After her great experience, we purchased a 2nd one for my Mom. She loved it and has been perfect for her needs... We just purchased a 3rd for my husband to use for watching tv and have been able to turn off the captions. Truly love this product. Would recommend it to anyone needing hearing assistance and not wanting to spend thousands of dollars.

Henry R

Try Now. Pay Later. Just $99.99 now to try the ClearCast PAL for yourself.
It's just 3 more payments of $99.99 if you decide to keep it. 100% money back guarantee.




FDA Registered




Perfect For Family

The Doctor's Alternative To Hearing Aids

With a ClearCast PAL, you get a modern neckband form factor that is so much more comfortable!

With lightweight ear buds and easy to reach controls, it's a piece of cake to use.

The built in microphone can keep you connected to the conversation when around the house or out and about.


Earbuds with medical grade drivers.


Soft flexible rubber neckband for all day comfort.

remote mic body

Remote Microphone. Connects to the headset using 2.4GHz radio, like cordless phones used to. No bluetooth audio delays or power consumption issues.


Charging Port

internal mic

Internal microphone.


On/Off Switch
Volume Buttons
Microphone Mode

Easy TV!

Want to watch TV at a comfortable volume for everyone? Simply place the MagicMic™ next to the TV and the sound will route directly into your ClearCast PAL.

No messy cables, connections, or tech support needed. It couldn't be easier!

Away From Home

Take the headset and MagicMic™ with you and use it as remote microphone when not at home!

Visiting family? Want to hear THEIR TV? Put the palm sized MagicMic™ next to the TV speaker, quick and easy.

In a group conversation? Put the MagicMic™ in the middle of the group to hear more clearly!


Designed With Families In Mind

ClearCast helps your family tune in instead of tuning out.

Unlike hearing aids, ClearCast was designed to be easy for family members to assist.

The volume buttons and power switch are straightforward and easily accessible. Easy for those with reduced dexterity, and easy for someone to assist unobtrusively.

Even the earbuds can placed and removed without having to reach behind their ears - and since they are attached, they never get lost, unlike hearing aids!

Get the New ClearCast PAL Today

Enhance Your TV and conversation experience with the ClearCast PAL™ headset.

Use the included MagicMic™ for easy TV listening, or as a remote microphone.

Use the straightforward controls on the comfortable and easy to wear PAL.

The ClearCast PAL™ is Rechargeable - no batteries to change

45-day 100% money back guarantee and Free Shipping

Regularly $499

Try Now. Pay Later. Just $99.99 now to try the ClearCast PAL for yourself.
It's just 3 more payments of $99.99 if you decide to keep it. 100% money back guarantee.