The ClearCast PAL™ Story

In my practice l've helped thousands of patients with hearing loss, and I thought I had heard all the excuses for not wearing hearing aids… and then I realized - it's we doctors who weren't listening.

People want to hear better, but hearing aids aren't the right solution for every person with hearing loss.

This hit home for me personally when I realized my uncle, a respected civil engineer, had been fit with several sets of hearing aids over the last 10 years (at a total cost of over $10,000) and he still was missing out on most family conversations and living in silence. One day I went home and placed some headphones on him, connected them to a small microphone and started talking to him. Remarkably, he heard everything I said clearly without any difficulty! Looking into this further, i realized:

  • Hearing aids do make sounds louder - and that's the problem.
  • Because all sounds are amplified, they don't necessarily help with clarity or understanding conversations.
  • The main problem is that the hearing aid microphone is behind your ear, but the conversation you want to hear is several feet in front of you. In the case of watching TV, what you want to hear can be 10-20 feet in front of you.

The secret to understanding conversations is the signal-to-noise ratio, which is the difference in loudness between speech and the distracting background sounds.

Most hearing aids make all sounds louder but do not necessarily improve the signal-to-noise ratio.

I designed the ClearCast PAL to solve these problems.

ClearCast PAL is NOT a hearing aid but rather the world's first Conversation Amplifying Earphones

ClearCast incorporates world-class hearing aid components and an industry-first dual microphone technology that allow you to understand the conversation you want to hear, whether it is close by or farther away.

Use the Internal Mic for one-on-one conversations. The world class hearing aid components will make the conversation crystal clear.

For TV watching or dinner conversations, placing the MagicMic next to the TV or at the center of a table will maximize the speech-to-noise ratio and you will hear exactly what you want to hear without all the background noise that plagues standard hearing aids.

In fact, no hearing aid can do what a ClearCast PAL does. If you can hear but not understand the words, then ClearCast PAL™ is for you.

Even if you or a family member have tried (or refused to wear) hearing aids, I recommend a risk-free trial of my ClearCast PAL™.  I guarantee that you will experience a major improvement in your Quality of Life.

In good health,

Inventor of the ClearCast PAL™


"world's first (PAL) device"


"making hearing less expensive"


"first new PAL device since 2004"


"options that cut background noise"